Three Great Bluetooth Wireless Mouses under $30 – Never Buy Another USB Wireless Mouse!

Are you still using a wireless mouse that uses a little USB dongle? If so, it’s time you made the switch to a Bluetooth mouse – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so.

Bluetooth vs USB Wireless

Traditional wireless mouses use a small “dongle” that plugs into a USB port on your computer. And that’s why they suck – you waste a USB port, you have another thing sticking out of your computer that you will bump into or break off, and if you lose the dongle, you get to throw away your mouse and buy another (well, many [not all] Logitech devices have a Unifying Receiver that you can buy for about $12).

Since virtually all laptops, all-in-ones, and tablets built in the past 5+ years have built in Bluetooth, and most recent desktops do as well, you don’t need a dongle. Simply pair the mouse with your computer in the Bluetooth control panel, and you’re good. No more wasted USB ports, no more little devices to break off in your USB port, and no more lost dongles converting a nice mouse to trash. And yes, yours truly has done all of those at least once.

Now, you might think, Bluetooth mouses are expensive. Well, they really aren’t. I personally have three Bluetooth mouses, and all together they cost me less than $70.

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse

My first foray into the realm of Bluetooth pointing devices was the Microsoft Designer mouse. It’s an ultra-portable mouse that’s designed for traveling and style, not extreme performance or ergonomics, but it actually works quite well, even for long computing sessions. That said, while I really like the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth mouse, I prefer to use it while sippingĀ a latte at Starbucks than using it while I’m gaming or building a website. But for a high quality high precision mouse that you can buy for about $23 on Amazon and isn’t any harder to fit in your pocket than a smartphone, you can’t beat it.

TeckNet BM308 Bluetooth Mouse

For a mouse that’s $15 on Amazon, this thing is fantastic. It’s comfortable for all day use, and works great. Of course construction quality isn’t as good as something 10x the price, but the real world difference just isn’t significant to justify spending all that much more.

Adesso S200B Bluetooth Mouse

I’ll admit I didn’t have high hopes for this mouse, as I picked it up at a Fry’s when I was two hours away from home and needed a mouse real cheap real bad, but now this is my primary mouse on my workstation laptop that I use for gaming, web development, and pretty much everything. Precision and performance of this mouse is excellent, and ergonomically it’s very similar to the Tecknet mouse, though slightly smaller. You can pick one of these little guys up for about $30 on Amazon, and I’d certainly recommend it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Unless you have a computer without Bluetooth, I can’t see why anybody would buy a regular USB wireless mouse when Bluetooth units are simply so much better.

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