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How to Maximize SSD Lifespan and Performance

Solid state drives (SSDs) deliver phenomenal performance and crazy fast boot times, and they are much more resilient to physical damage from vibration or sudden movement than traditional mechanical hard drives with spinning platters, but they do have a few weaknesses. Here I’m going to cover exactly why SSDs wear out and easy steps you can take to ensure your solid state drive is a great investment, not a great frustration.

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Three Budget 60GB SSDs Reviewed: Kingston SSDnow V300 vs Patriot Torch vs Kingdian S200

Whether you want to set up Intel Smart Response Technology to boost the performance of your Intel Core-based desktop (learn more) or need a low cost solid state drive to breathe new life into an older computer with a dead or slow hard drive, you’ll need to pick a budget SSD, and here I’m reviewing three cheap picks from Kingston, Patriot, and Kingdian.

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Speed up your PC with Intel Smart Response Technology – SSD Performance, HDD Capacity

In modern PCs, there’s one thing holding you back from quick boot times and instant application opens – your mechanical hard drive.¬†That’s the problem that¬†Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT from here on out) solves. You can get SSD-like performance with the capacity and cost savings of having everything stored on a traditional spinning platter hard drive.

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