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Windows Storage Spaces Performance – Simple vs Mirrored vs Parity

For years, software RAID sucked. But it’s 2019 now, and let’s see how Windows Storage Spaces does when it comes to performance, because it’s included with Windows 10 Pro – so is it a free gem or a worthless turd? Spoiler if you don’t want to actually read the whole article: I’ve been using Storage Spaces across several home servers for a while now and it’s fine, except for slow sustained write speeds on Parity storage spaces.

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Speed up your PC with Intel Smart Response Technology – SSD Performance, HDD Capacity

In modern PCs, there’s one thing holding you back from quick boot times and instant application opens – your mechanical hard drive.¬†That’s the problem that¬†Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT from here on out) solves. You can get SSD-like performance with the capacity and cost savings of having everything stored on a traditional spinning platter hard drive.

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